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Sample Interview Questionnaire Guide
Following is a list of questions designed to gather information relating to an individual’s
past work experience, duties, and working conditions which are similar to those of the
position for which the individual is being considered.
1. What training have you received in ____________________
2. Describe how the process can best be performed. Have you discovered any shortcuts
How do they work
3. Describe your experience with the following tools and equipment. (Interviewer, list
job related tool).
4. Walk me through the procedures you would follow to_______________.
5. What equipment have you been trained to operate When/where did you receive that
6. What equipment did you operate in your job at ___________________
7. Describe your experience performing the following tasks. (Interviewer, list job
related tasks).
8. What job experiences have you had that would help you in this position
9. How do you follow the prescribed standards of safety when performing (task)
10. Have you ever identified potential malfunctions of equipment How did you discover
the potential malfunction What did you do to correct the problem
11. Being a ________________________ certainly requires a lot of technical knowledge.
How did you go about getting it How long did it take you
12. Do you consider your technical abilities basic, intermediate, or advanced
13. On a scale of one to ten, ten being you are a perfect technical match or this position,
where would you rank yourself
14. What would you add to or subtract from your technical background to make you more
qualified for this position
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Sample Interview Questionnaire Guide