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Sample Job Allocation Questionnaire
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What is the Management / Supervisory Responsibility required of the post
Management and Supervision has set criteria which must be met in order for an ā€˜Sā€™ Profile to
be allocated to the role. Tick all that apply and provide description of frequency. See Guidance
for further assistance on this section:
Management / Supervision Activities
that are part of this role:
(If part of role)
(e.g. annually, weekly)
Staff Appraisals
Monitoring and ensuring discipline within the team
Staff development (e.g. coaching, 1-2-1s)
Managing absence including return to work interviews
Controlling leave
Issuing and checking work
Budgetary control
List the job titles and grades of any direct reports to this jobholder, together with the
nature of the management / supervision tasks. Provide appropriate detail based on the
guidance provided (e.g. monitoring sickness, allocating work etc.)
What education, qualifications and training necessary for the jobholder to perform
their job fully and effectively You must be able to justify the requirement for specific
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Sample Job Allocation Questionnaire