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Sample Letter of Intent
Sample Letter of Intent
This page contains a sample letter of inquiry for approaching a grant-making foundation.
Your Organization Letterhead
Denis Lowry, Chair
Grants Advisory Council
Charlotte Community Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 512047
Punta Gorda, FL 33951-2047
Dear Mr. Lowry:
The (Your Organization) seeks a grant of $X,XXX from the Charlotte Community Foundation for
support of our (special project). We are grateful for the support we received from the Charlotte
Community Foundation in XXXX for (description) and think this new proposal may be of comparable
interest to your Foundation. We think this project is very much aligned with the Foundation's goals in
(field of interest, other funded projects or guideline statement).
Our organization, established in YYYY, is serving the (geographical) community with our services:
(List). Recently we were honored by (description) for (accomplishment). (Insert one or two other
accomplishments of entire organization.)
The project for which we request funds will make a difference in the lives of (such and such clientele)
in the following way: (insert specifics of plan). The project will take X amount of time, X amount of
$$$$ and we expect the following concrete results: [a], [b], and [c].
We have received (grant support, contributions, in-kind, volunteer, volunteer staff help, etc.) in the
early stages. Support the first year will come from [a], [b], and [c] and the project will (be complete at
that time or supported in the future by [a], [b], and [c].
We will be glad to submit a full proposal with additional information for your further review.
Contact information
Name, Title
Address, Phone Number and E-mail Address
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Sample Letter of Intent