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Sample Recommendation Letter
Three Sample Recommendation Letters:
Outstanding, Proficient, and Unsuccessful Student Teachers
1. Sample Recommendation for an Outstanding Student Teacher
Ms. ____________________________very successfully completed her practicum experience at
the ______________________________ High School in Anytown, USA. She spent 16 weeks
observing, assisting, and teaching in my English class. Our school is noted for a diverse student
population and two of our classes are heterogeneously grouped, which offers a challenge to even
our most experienced teachers.
Ms. ___________________________'s warm personality and rapport with the students were
excellent. Her knowledge of the subject was even noticed by many faculty members in our
department. Her willingness to take suggestions, modify lessons, and experiment with new
strategies demonstrated her motivation and reflection about teaching and learning.
She was able to communicate effectively and she displayed many fine personal and professional
qualities normally attributed to outstanding teachers. She carried out her responsibilities in a
responsible and dependable manner and consistently asked to participate in after-school activities
and teacher events.
During the semester, Ms. ___________________ took responsibility for three classes and
assumed the duties of planning and teaching an entire unit. Because of her creativity and
enthusiasm for the subject, students responded positively to her lessons. Here students' grades in
the areas she presented were well above satisfactory. Her ability to manage a daily routine and
the classroom discipline that relates to that were exemplary.
In my opinion as a classroom teacher for 21 years who has prepared more than seven student
teachers, Ms. _____________________________ is an excellent candidate for your school. She
has tremendous initiative, a desire to continue to learn, and a reflective practitioner outlook.
Along with her command of the subject area and her effective teaching strategies with
adolescents, she is a model of an excellent teacher. I would strongly encourage you to interview
and to give serious consideration to this prospective teacher. She would be an asset to any
English department.
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Sample Recommendation Letter