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Three Sample Recommendation Letters
Sample Recommendation Letter
District/School Letterhead
Education Department Head
Robert Morris University
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Moon Township, PA 15108
To Whom It May Concern:
It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Ms. **. Ms. ** has
been my student teacher at ABC School for the last fourteen weeks. During this period
she has very capably taught recent American history to eleventh and twelfth grade
Ms. ** is to be commended for her professionalism concern for her students, and quality
of instruction. She plans well and works diligently at being organized. Her preparation
each day is thorough and the results, evident. Her assignments and exams are well
conceived, quickly corrected, and promptly returned.
I have found Ms. ** to be uniquely resourceful and adaptive. She has made an
outstanding effort to vary course material and present it in different and unusually ways.
She is receptive to new ideas and constantly looks for innovative methods to present
course content. She is thorough and precise.
In addition to the above, Ms. ** manages her classroom with unusual skill for her
experience. She handles detailed work with skill and accuracy. Student respect is
obvious in her classroom. She deeply cares about her students and they look to her for
approval and guidance. Her approach to teaching has generated a warm and close rapport
with her classes as well as our faculty.
As an educator for 35 years and one who is profoundly interested in developing high
quality teachers, I strongly endorse Ms. **. She has the intellect, passion, and
communicative skills to be an outstanding teacher, and I recommend her without
reservation, knowing, she is eminently worthy of top consideration in the education
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Three Sample Recommendation Letters