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Sample Meeting Minutes
Sample Meeting Minutes
MINUTES of [Organization Name, Meeting Type of Meeting Date]
[Optional] Affidavit: The undersigned Affiant, after being duly sworn, does solemnly swear or affirm,
these minutes are a true and correct record of the facts of the specified meeting.
1. Call to order:
A regular/special/annual/organizational Board/Executive/Committee/General Membership [kind of meeting]
meeting of the _________________ [organization name], was held in ____________ [place, city, state] on
__________ [date], 20__.
The meeting convened at ______ [time], President/Chairman ____________________ [name] presiding.
[Some small organizations, such as boards of directors, executives, committees, choose to list attendees,]
Members in attendance: Members absent: Quorum present: Yes/No Others present:
Members attending by proxy/phone/video: [secretary may want to use a sign-in sheet and seating map]
2. Secretary/Approval of recording secretary:
Secretary ______________ [name] was present and recorded the minutes of the meeting.
[Optional: approval of recording secretary] In the absence of the elected Secretary, the President/Chairman
appointed/hired _______________ as recording secretary to the meeting, with approval of the attendees.
[Recording secretary requested and received permission to make an audio/video recording of the meeting.]
3. Approval of minutes:
Minutes of the ______________ [date] meeting were distributed/posted by mail/email/website [in advance] to all
board/officers/committee members and were approved [as printed/after correction].
[Summarize any reports, attach signed original of any written reports or correspondence received]
[Attachments are not required with copies of minutes if summary is made] [May include action items for follow-up]
4. Officers' reports: President/Chairman, Vice President/Co-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer
5. Board and committee reports:
[Minutes are records of what was done at the meeting, not what was said]
[Do not include motions that are withdrawn, or opinions or interpretations of the secretary]
6. Old [Unfinished] business:
[Subject title] Motion: Moved by [name] and seconded that [state motion] Motion [carried/failed]
7. New business:
[Subject title] Motion: Moved by [name] and seconded that [state motion] Motion [carried/ failed]
8. Announcements, Presentations, Guest Speakers, Open Forum, Other Matters:
9. Next Meeting Agenda and Adjournment:
Tentative agenda was set, including unfinished business, for the next meeting, on [date/time] at [place].
The meeting was adjourned at ______________[time].
Respectfully submitted by: [Complete the minutes at the meeting or soon after, get clarification when needed]
________________________________ APPROVED by ___________________ Date ____________
Secretary/recording secretary/Affiant [board of directors/officer/chairman/members]
[Organization Name] [Have president/chairman review draft copy before distributing]
[After final approval, file in organization records]
[Optional Notary Certificate]
State of _______________ County of _______________
Subscribed and affirmed, or sworn to, before me on this date ___________________,
by______________________________, Affiant, [Secretary/recording secretary] of __________________.
Notary Public Notary Seal
My commission expires
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