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Sample Memorandum of Agreement
Sample Memorandum of Agreement
Sample Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
A Memorandum of Agreement is a document that describes how two or more parties will work
together to accomplish an agreed-upon goal or objective. The purpose of a MOA is to set forth a
clear understanding of the parameters of the project and the responsibilities of each of the
participating parties.
This sample can be used as a starting point for crafting a Memorandum of Agreement between
a School District and a Tribe regarding the establishment of a government-to-government
relationship and the development of Tribal history and culture curricula. Because the MOA is a
legally binding document, districts are encouraged to have their legal counsel review the final
document before it is signed.
Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
The ______________________ School District Board of Directors
The ______________________ Nation Tribal Council
This historic MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT between the _____________________ School
District, represented by its Board of Directors, and the Tribal Nation of _____________________ ,
represented by the ____________________ Tribal Council and its member organizations,
recognizes the importance of establishing a government-to-government relationship that fosters
mutual understanding, shared responsibilities and a commitment to working together for the
improvement of student learning.
This agreement recognizes the importance of developing curricula that relates the history,
culture and government of Pacific Northwest Indian Tribes, especially that of the
_________________Tribal nation, for all students in the district. It also recognizes that
improvements are needed in the education of Indian youth to strengthen their academic
achievement and enhance life opportunities, and that the education of Indian children can be
advanced by providing curricula that includes Tribal experiences and perspectives.
THIS AGREEMENT is hereby made and entered into by the _____________________
School District Board of Directors, hereinafter referred to as the District, and the
____________________ Tribal Council, hereinafter referred to as the Tribe, who will
collaborate to establish curricula on Tribal history, culture and government in the
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Sample Memorandum of Agreement