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Sample Newborn Baby Essentials Checklist
Sample Newborn Baby Essentials Checklist
Clothing – The Layette
Suggested for newborn to 3 months
One-piece sleepers (6-8)
Zippers or snaps, your choice!
Scratch mittens (2 pairs)
Newborn hats (2)
Onesies (6-8)
Mix of short and long-sleeves.
Stretchy pants (2 pairs)
Hoodie jackets (2)
Socks (4 pairs)
Special dress-up outts (2)
For leaving hospital, visiting grandparents.
Large blanket (1)
Receiving blankets (8-12)
Great for swaddling, and use as bibs or burp cloths.
Scent-free, dye-free laundry detergent
Winter Babies: Snowsuit or bunting bag
Summer Babies: Wide brimmed sun hat
Cloth Diapers
Pocket diapers (24)
Or 24 prefold diapers, 5 diaper covers, 2 Snappi
Diaper wet bag (1)
Washcloths for wiping (24)
Organic coconut oil
Safe for cloth diapers, great on diaper rash, safe for
Disposable Diapers
Don’t stock up on newborn sizes – your little one might
outgrow them fast!
Newborn diapers (2 boxes)
Diaper pail (1)
Baby ointment or diaper rash cream
Disposable wipes
Optional Diapering Accessories
Change table
Or use Pack ‘N Play changer, or top of a dresser.
Diaper bag
Diaper change pad (1)
Little babies can sure make big messes.
Plastic infant tub (buy used)
Or stick a large bowl in your sink. Also, you can
bathe together with baby.
Hooded towel (1)
Washcloths (10)
Baby wash
Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding
Nursing pillow
Breast pads
Breast pump
Milk storage containers
Bibs (2-4)
Four-ounce bottles with nipples (6-8)
Eight-ounce bottles with nipples (6)
Bottle brush
Nice to have: Bottle warmer and sterilizer
Choose from the following:
Crib, mattress, 2 mattress covers, 2 tted sheets
Basinett, 2 tted sheets
Pack ‘N Play
Nice to have: 2 Sleep Bags or Swaddle Blankets
Baby Gear
Infant car seat
Stroller (buy used)
Baby carrier or sling
Ear thermometer
Nail emery board – easier than using scissors
Prescribed medication
Vibrating chair
Activity center
Books for baby
Teething toy
Stroller or carseat toy
Paciers (2)
Newborn Essentials Checklist
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Sample Newborn Baby Essentials Checklist