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Sample Organizational Meeting Minutes
There being no further nominations, by motion made, seconded and unanimously
approved, the slate of nominees was elected to hold office. The President then replaced the
temporary chairperson as presiding officer of the meeting and the Secretary replaced the
temporary secretary of the meeting.
Bank Accounts
David Wood then proposed to select a depository for the funds of the corporation and to
authorize officers to withdraw funds on behalf of the corporation. On motion of Mr. Wood,
seconded by George Locker and unanimously approved, the following resolutions were adopted:
Resolved, that Banco Popular, (the “depository”), is selected as the depository for the
funds of this corporation and that accounts shall be governed by the rules, regulations, bylaws,
and practices, present and future, of the depository. The board, by majority vote, may also
select other depositories in addition to, or in place of, the designated depository.
Further resolved, that the following officers of this corporation, who have been duly
President George Locker
Vice President Helen Friedman
Secretary Maria Tejeda
Treasurer David Wood
are authorized, on signature of any two of them, to withdraw funds from the depository on the
check of the corporation, signed as provided above, and that the officers authorized to withdraw
funds are authorized to endorse and receive payment of bills and notes payable to the
Further resolved, that the depository is authorized to pay any such instruments so
endorsed and presented to it for payment, including those drawn to the individual order of any
officer or any other person authorized to sign the instruments; and
Further resolved, that the Board adopts the form of any banking resolution required by
the depository if (1) in the opinion of a non-officer of the Corporation, the adoption of such a
resolution is necessary or desirable; and (2) the Secretary of the Corporation evidences such
adoption by attaching to this consent copies of such resolutions, which will be deemed to have
been adopted by this Board with the same force and effect as if originally attached to this
Further resolved, that the authority conferred by these minutes shall remain in full force
and effect until written notice of its revocation by the Board is received by the depository and
that the Secretary is authorized and directed to deliver to the depository a certified copy of this
resolution and to certify to it the true and correct signatures of the above-named officers.
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Sample Organizational Meeting Minutes