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Sample Portfolio
ORAL PRESENTATION – Each student will prepare a 5-minute presentation on a newspaper
article. The goal of this exercise is to keep the student apprised of local environmental issues and
develop presentational skills. The student will be graded on presentation clarity, use of visual
aids, and mastery of background information.
Grading Scale
The Farquhar College for Arts and Sciences has a Writing Across the Curriculum Policy
which means that you can expect to write at least 8-20 pages for each course. At least 35%
of your grade will be determined by written assignments.
Quizzes 40%
Oral Presentation 20%
Research Paper Outline 10%
Research Paper 30%
Grades will be distributed along a standard scale:
90% to 100% A range
80% to 89% B range
70% to 79% C range
60% to 69% D range
Below 60% F
Pluses and minuses may be used at the discretion of the instructor.
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Sample Portfolio