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Example Proposal Letter
Dear [First name],
I am writing to let you know how excited I am with your response to the
agency's proposal to launch a new advertising campaign around the XG-40D's
World Car of the Year 2011 recognition.
As you may be aware, the agency was also responsible for the XG-40D's
launch campaign last year. As your own records will tell you, the work the
agency has created for the XG-40D brand has been directly responsible for
generating business worth $[#] in the US and Canada markets as of September
30, 2011.
The agency believes great creativity sells. The results have proved us right.
The proposal to launch a new advertising campaign around the WCOTY
recognition was first made by my astonishingly farsighted colleague and the
executive in charge of the XG-40D account, [Name].
When [Name] first made the proposal to us, we were virtually stunned into
silence. You cannot imagine our astonishment when he did one better than
himself by getting back to the agency with a comprehensive campaign proposal
just two days after the meeting we had with you.
[Name]'s proposal is simply out of this world, which is why we would like to
schedule a meeting with you to present it to you and take it forward. [Name]
will call you in the next two days to confirm the meeting and finalize the venue,
date and time. On behalf of the agency, I thank you for your confidence in the
agency and your continued support.
I look forward to meeting you again in person soon.
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Example Proposal Letter