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Sample Residential Tenancy Agreement
Sample Residential Tenancy Agreement
For information about your rights and responsibilities under this agreement, contact Fair Trading at or call 13 32 20.
Residential Tenancies Regulation 2010 Schedule 1 Standard Form Agreement (Clause 4(1))
Standard form
Residential tenancy agreement
Landlord Name (1): Landlord Name (2):
Address for services of notices (can be an agent’s address):
Telephone number (of landlord or agent):
Tenant’s Name
(1): Tenant’s Name (2):
Tenant’s Name
(3): Add all other tenants here:
Address for services of notices (if different to address of premises):
Telephone number/s:
Landlord’s agent:
Address for services of notices:
Telephone number/s:
(a) location
(b) inclusions
Insert inclusions, for example a common parking space or furniture provided. Attach a separate list if necessary.
The term of this agreement is weeks/months/years,
starting on / / and ending on / /
Rent: a week fortnight payable in advance starting on / /
For a fixed term agreement insert the term.
Otherwise leave blank or write ‘periodic’
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Sample Residential Tenancy Agreement