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Sample Student Pharmacist Resume Templates
Disclaimer: This Sample CV was compiled from 6 different student pharmacists’ activities to demonstrate formatting of various CV components.
A single student’s CV would not be expected to contain all of these activities. List section contents in reverse chronological order, with most
current information at the beginning of each section. Following a residency or first job, remove the APPE, IPPE and meetings attended sections.
Jane A. Doe
Address: 2020 South Street Telephone: 777-777-7777
Sunshine, CA 90000 Email:
Month Yr – Present Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (SSPPS)
University of California, San Diego
Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate; Expected graduation:
Month Yr – Month Yr University of California, Davis
Davis, CA
B.S. Biochemistry
Year-Year Pharmacy Intern License No. 12345
California Board of Pharmacy
Year-Year Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Basic Life Support
For Healthcare Providers
American Heart Association
Year-Year Pharmacy Immunization Delivery Certification
UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Year-Year Research Aspects of HIPAA Certification
UCSD Human Research Protections program
Year-Year Protection of Human Research Subjects Certification
UCSD Human Research Protections program
Month Yr-Month Yr CVS Retail Pharmacy, Intern Pharmacist
2510 E. Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA, (760) 729-8914
Supervisor: Ron Bogart, Pharm.D.
Responsibilities include receiving new prescriptions via phone and
interpreting written prescriptions from prescribers; transferring
prescriptions to and from other pharmacies; processing insurance claims
and determining plan eligibility for patients; dispensing medications;
counseling patients on proper medication use; providing retail and
pharmacy customer service.
Month Yr-Month Yr University of California, San Diego, Intern Pharmacist
Medical Center – Department of Pharmacy
San Diego, California
Supervisor: Victoria Hong, Pharm.D.
Responsibilities include dispensing prescriptions, maintaining automated
dispensing cabinets, answering drug information questions, assisting with
pharmacokinetic analysis of therapeutic drug levels and preparing
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Sample Student Pharmacist Resume Templates