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Somewhat Important
Very Important
Not sure/Not Applicable
Likert 5 point preparedness scale
How prepared are not prepared are you for your future career or educational plans as a result of your
academic experiences at UVa
Not at all prepared
A little bit prepared
Somewhat prepared
Quite a bit prepared
Very much prepared
Not sure / Not applicable
Anchored 7 point importance scale
On a scale of 1 to 7, with one being extremely unimportant and 7 being extremely important, please rate
how important you think your co-curricular activities have been in helping you develop leadership skills.
Extremely unimportant
7 Extremely important
Selective Ranking question
Given the menu of possible additional benefits below, please rank the TOP THREE items that would
most contribute to your overall well-being and long-term retention, by clicking in the appropriate boxes
below. Clicking a second time in a box will erase your previous answer.
[ ] Housing allowance and/or purchasing partnerships
[ ] Equivalent benefits for unmarried and/or same-sex partner
[ ] Childcare facilities
[ ] Financial assistance for childcare
[ ] Financial assistance for eldercare
[ ] More flexible family and medical leave options
[ ] Access to health/fitness programs for family members
[ ] Tuition benefits for children
[ ] Spousal/partner employment assistance
[ ] Subsidized parking
Survey Questions
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Sample Survey Questions - Likert Scale