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Sample Website Proposal
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Website Organization
The new design will have five main landing pages:
Home Page
These five pages will be "hardwired" into the new design by Sunny Web Shops and links to them will
appear in the horizontal menu bar at the top of the page (below the logo and other header content).
And the CMS allows you to add new pages.
Preliminary Design
Working in conjunction with you, we will provide you with a preliminary design concept for the new
website. That design concept will include the basic layout, color palette, font choices, etc.
You can at that point request one round of design revisions within the scope of the Fee Schedule (see
below). If more revisions are deemed necessary at that point by you, the work will be done at our hourly
rate of $40. (This is rarely necessary, especially for a simple website project such as this, but if necessary
will be discussed fully before any fees are assessed.)
Integration of Content Management System
If you have chosen to have us include a Content Management System in the website, once the design is
approved, then Sunny Web Shops will incorporate the Content Management System into the design if
you have chosen to have one integrated into the site, and if so, we will also run a training session with you
or your specified employees, showing them how to use the Content Management System. This can be
done on site or online. And we'll provide documentation for your reference.
When you have finished incorporating all the content by using us or the CMS, we will launch the site!
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Sample Website Proposal