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Sample Website Proposal
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Fee Summary
Website Design and Setup
work with client to create a custom website interface: layout, colors, and fonts
set up website architecture and navigation system
implement nameplate/logo placement and design
create website mirror for beta testing purposes
create layout that scales well to mobile devices
Website Pages - 5 @ $45
Using the webpage template developed during the initial design phase, this includes
integration of the main landing pages into site architecture and navigation.
Project Total $720
Optional Items
(Note: Optional item fees are not included in the above Project Total)
Content Management System
Together, we will identify the areas that you want to be able to update on your own without
having to hire us for those tasks. We will then integrate a “Content Management System”
(CMS) into the design and provide a training session and documentation.
Website Hosting - $19 per month, paid annually
We provide state-of-the-art hosting services, but you are not required to host with us. We
will be glad to discuss with you the advantages of hosting with us.
Domain Name Registration - $2 per month, paid annually
We provide automatically renewable domain name registration, but you are not required to
have us provide this.
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Sample Website Proposal