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Sas Marketing Analyst Resume Free Word Doc
Used SAS Enterprise Miner to conduct data mining and build predictive models for customer churn prediction
Generated Logistic regression, Neutral Network and Decision tree models using SAS Enterprise Miner
Used SAS/Access facility to connect to oracle data mart and used SAS SQL procedures to extract and
manipulate data.
Created models to score every customer churn likelihood
Developed SAS programs to create mail lists for satisfaction survey to eventually estimate their churn likelihood.
Provided decision support for new product launch, X-Cell, Up-Cell opportunities, impact of dunning policy, and
impact on new channel purchase agreements.
Used SAS Enterprise Guide extensively for Ad hoc reporting.
Conducted individual account and household level analysis and also significance tests and study response rates
for different offers.
Created reports using PROC REPORT, PROC TABULATE, ODS statements and PROC TEMPLATE to
generate reports in HTML format.
Reviewed various documents and source systems schema to improve business understanding and data
Environment: SAS/ACCESS, SAS/BASE, SAS/STAT, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/Enterprise Guide, Enterprise Miner,
Teradata, Oracle, MS OFFICE
Wells Fargo, NC Jan’ 09 –Apr’ 10
SAS Marketing Database Consultant
Wells Fargo is a leading global financial services company and one of the largest banks in United States. The project
is to support the marketing division of Wells Fargo’s retail and consumer banking department. The scope of the
project is to create an application to implement Well Fargo’s marketing campaign and evaluate its performance. The
application creates mailing lists of consumers for Direct Mailing and Telemarketing and tracks and analyzes the
responses from the recipients.
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Sas Marketing Analyst Resume Free Word Doc