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Sas Marketing Analyst Resume Free Word Doc
Extracted data from the database using SAS/Access Pass-through facility and manipated data sets using
Extensively used BASE SAS to merge, append, transpose datasets.
Updated and maintained data warehouse to support marketing analytics
Created scripts to automate data validation and error handling; constant data quality checks were conducted
prior to reporting and developing new models
Developed SAS programs to create a customer mailing list for Direct Mailing Campaigns
Maintained and enhanced existing SAS reporting programs for marketing campaigns.
Analyzed response and sale results and wrote monthly summary on campaign performance.
Supported model development process; used logistic regression and decision tree nodes in SAS Enterprise
Extensively used SAS reporting procedures such as PROC RERORT, PROC TABULATE, PROC FREQ and
PROC SUMMARY to analyze campaign effectiveness.
Generated graphs using SAS Report and SAS /GRAPH and generated reports using SAS/ODS
Developed scripts for pre-campaign and post-campaign comparison analysis
Conducted independent group t-test and depended group t-test for analyzing campaign effectiveness.
Participated in marketing team meetings to understand new initiatives for marketing team
Environment: Base SAS, SAS Macros, SAS/Connect, SAS/Access, SAS/STAT, SAS DDE, SAS ODS,
SAS/GRAPH, SAS/IML, Oracle 9i, DB2, SAS V9.1.3, SAS Indexes, SAS Views, SAS MP-Connect, SAS Enterprise
Guide, Enterprise Miner, Excel, Windows XP, AIX UNIX .
Blue Cross Blue Shield, MI Jun’ 07 Dec’ 08
SAS Programmer/Analyst
Blue Cross Blue Shield is the leading health insurance provider in the United States. The project was to support the
modeling team developing fraud detection algorithms. Organized data, conducted data investigation and worked on
fraud modeling.
Extracted data from SQL Server and DB2 using SAS/ACCESS in WINDOWS Environment.
Using BASE SAS manipulated and summarized data
Conducted Data investigation and cleaning through developing various SAS auto call MACROS
SQL procedures were extensively used to create analysis data sets for Eligibility, Inpatient, Outpatient, Long
Term Care and Pharmacy (Rx).
Generated Quarterly and Annual Reports by extracting and populating data to create reports with the SAS
ADD-IN provided in Microsoft EXCEL.
Analyzed the data and created graphs on Excel sheet by using Microsoft VBA scripts
Used SAS/GRAPH and PROC CHART procedures to generate various charts for analysis
Optimized the current process and developed new programs for automation.
Generated formats using PROC FORMAT for frequently used variables such as CPT (Current procedural
terminology), HCPC, DRG (Diagnosis related group), program type, type of claim, type of service, diagnosis
code and Adjustment Indicator.
Implemented SAS procedures, MACROS and applications for data cleaning, reporting, and documentation.
Actively involved in the development of algorithm and investigation tools for identifying fraudulent transaction
Generated macros for fraud modeling to identify duplicate claims and fraudulent claims
Developed SAS MACROS for generic coding and reusable modules.
Debugged inherited programs and documented existing programs.
Performed documentation for SAS code for better understanding of the code
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