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Scholarship Recommendation Letter Template
Scholarship Recommendation Letter Template
Sample Fulbright Scholarship Recommendation
January xx, 20xx
Recommendation of Janet Lerner to the Fulbright Research Abroad Program
I have known Miss Lerner for two years, since she was a student in my Introduction to French Literature
class. She had all of the signs of excellence then and has since matured into a person of intellectual and
personal integrity and accomplishment. After completing an associate’s degree at another school with
less rigorous standards, she came to Mythic University with an intellectual curiosity that blossomed once
the opportunity for further and more extensive study presented itself.
In class, her oral presentations on Madame de Graffigny and women writers of her era were insightful
and well-received by her classmates. In one of her papers she wrote about the philosophy of John Calvin
in his prefatorial open letter to the Catholic Church in a way that showed she grasped the outlook of the
man and the writer. In another she wrote her personal interpretation of universal will in Jean-Jacques
Rousseau’s Social Contract, reading in it a treatise on human rights and the necessity of laws and of
government by law to protect the common good. She took initiative in her work and was highly regarded
in the discussion group. At the end of the semester, her group’s costumed presentation of scenes from
Molière’s Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme helped to round out the class’s Introduction to French Literature.
Since that time, Miss Lerner has completed her third study abroad tour, except this time she also
completed her major credits in French language and culture to receive her Bachelor of Science in French
Business. The tour in Paris also saw her transformation into a very cosmopolitan person and still in no
way harmed her good judgment and common sense. Since she is capable of quantitative and qualitative
analysis, both of which her proposed plan of study will require, she is well-prepared to carry out her
research plan on non-government agencies that provide aid in developing countries. Senegal is an ideal
location for such a study, and I am sure she would be welcomed by people in urban and rural areas as
well as by scholars.
Personally, I find Janet Lerner to be an honest, intelligent, articulate person, who is self-motivated and
also demonstrates leadership qualities that are admired by peers and supervisors. I strongly recommend
her to be a Fulbright Research Grant recipient, and I am happy to amplify on any details if you wish.
Janet Teacher
Janet Teacher
Assistant Professor of French
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Scholarship Recommendation Letter Template