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Scholarship Recommendation Letter Template
Sample Fulbright Scholarship Recommendation
November xx, 20xx
Letter of recommendation for Janet Lerner
It gives me great pleasure to recommend Janet Lerner for a Fulbright Fellowship. I have been Ms.
Lerner’s academic advisor since her freshman year and am now also the advisor for her honors thesis.
Over the years, I have come to know her extremely well and feel that she is an outstanding candidate for
the Fulbright Fellowship.
Ms. Lerner is a truly outstanding student who has accumulated a long list of both academic
honors/achievements and extra-curricular activities. She is one of the few students who was selected as a
lion ambassador (a university student representative who provides campus tours) in her freshman year,
she has been on the Dean’s list five of five semesters, and she has demonstrated her versatility by
participating in sports, fund-raisers, and as an officer in a number of organizations. She is a gifted
student who combines serious study with a genuine concern for the community in which she lives.
I can attest to Ms. Lerner’s maturity and her commitment to her studies. She does her work
conscientiously, she always seeks out course work that challenges her, and she has an amazing capacity
for fulfilling her responsibilities in a great variety of activities. She is organized in her goal-setting, yet
has learned to keep her options open for the future. Her accomplishments will no doubt make her a
highly recruited individual for the top graduate schools in the country.
Intellectually, Ms. Lerner is one of the very best students I have ever worked with. She has the ability to
carry out research independently, she is extremely disciplined in her work, her analytical skills are highly
developed, and she is always thorough in what she does. In the case of her honors thesis, the result
promises to be at a level that one would usually associate with graduate work.
I believe that a year in France would enrich Ms. Lerner immeasurably from a variety of points of view.
She would be able to perfect her French language skills, she would gain invaluable teaching experience,
and, perhaps most importantly, she would acquire insights into the French culture that would greatly
enhance her future graduate studies.
I give Ms. Lerner my highest and unqualified recommendation. She is truly exceptional.
John Teacher
John Teacher, Professor of French
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