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School Newsletter Template 3
School Newsletter Template 3
Issue Date
This newsletter is created primarily by
using text columns, so that text
automatically wraps from one column to
the next. Find the Columns feature on
the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup
group. Get tips for setting up and using
text columns later in this template
Adding your own content
The placeholder text for several articles
in this template provides tips on how to
customize this newsletter for your needs.
To replace any placeholder text with your
own, just select it and start typing. Note
that if the placeholder text you replace is
long, such as for this article, it might look
like the page layout is skewed when you
do this but it is not. The content that sits
lower on the page only moves up
because less content is present when you
begin to replace your own text. As you
type to add your text, content will move
back into position automatically.
Placeholders that remain
when you add text
The title and subtitle placeholders don’t
disappear when you add your own text.
They will look like regular text when
printed but you can see the blue outline
and title of the placeholder when you
click in it.
The reason these placeholders remain is
that they are linked to other placeholders
that use the same text. So, when you
replace the title or subtitle placeholder
text with your own, it automatically
populates the corresponding
placeholders in the headers and on the
back page mailer.
Replacing pictures
To replace a picture in this template with
your own, select it and then, on the
Picture Tools Format tab, in the Adjust
group, click Change Picture. (Or right-
click a photo to access the Change
Picture command.)
The pictures that you see in sidebars,
such as In This Issue at right, are
formatted as In Line With Text so that
they sit right in a paragraph mark and
can be formatted as easily as text. The
custom paragraph style named Sidebar
photo applies indent formatting that
helps align the photos perfectly with the
other sidebar content.
Pictures that wrap around some text in
articles throughout the newsletter use
text settings and positioning. Get help for
working with text wrap around pictures
later in this template.
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School Newsletter Template 3