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School Newsletter Template 3 Page 2
School Newsletter Template 3
Article Title
A column break is inserted before and after each
column that acts as a sidebar. To insert a column
break, press Ctrl+Shift+Enter. Or, on the Page
Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Breaks,
and then click Column.
Page #
Article Title
To view column breaks, section breaks, and other
formatting marks, on the Home tab, in the
Paragraph group, click the pargraph mark icon.
Page #
Using Styles
by Name Style
The body text throughout the articles in
this template uses the Normal paragraph
style. Following are some other styles
applied throughout the template:
Ü Large article titles, such as on the
first page, use Heading 1 style.
Ü Orange headings in the sidebars and
within articles use Sidebar Heading
Ü Orange section titles in articles use
the Heading 2 style.
Ü Small article titles use Heading 3
Ü This style is List Bullet 2.
This style is List Continue.
Ü Text in sidebars uses the Sidebar
Text style.
Ü White headings on orange text in
tables uses the Heading 4 style.
Ü The heading inside contact
information tables uses Heading 5
Ü Contact Info is the name of the gray
text style inside the small contact
Access all styles used in this template on
the Home tab, in the Styles group.
Using styles helps save you time and
keep your document consistent. To
modify a style, on the Home tab, in the
Styles group, right-click the name of the
style you want to edit and then click
Modify. All content where the style is
applied will update automatically.
Another way to modify a style is to
simply customize an instance of the style
where it’s applied in the document. Then,
on the Home tab, in the Styles group,
right-click the style name and then click
Update [style] to Match Selection.
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