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School Newsletter Template 3
Use the small tables provided in some of the articles to call out quick reference information related to the article, such as contact information or
event dates.
Contact Info
To setup a document for multiple column
text, on the Page Layout tab, in the Page
Setup group, click Columns and then
click the number of columns you need.
You can also click More Columns to
specify column widths, the space
between columns, or to automatically
add a vertical line between columns.
To change the number of columns for
just part of the document (or if you want
text to wrap to just the top part of the
page and a new article to start below – as
shown on this page), insert a section
break before the position where you
want to start the new column layout. To
do this, on the Page Layout tab, in the
Page Setup group, click Breaks and then
click the type of section break you need.
Select a section break
When changing many types of page
layout formatting for just part of the
document—such as paper size, margins,
or orientation, the best section break
type to use is a Next Page section break
because it automatically starts the new
section on a new page. However, when
changing the number of columns as you
might in this newsletter, you may prefer
to select a Continuous break. The
continuous section break (used a few
times throughout this template) starts a
new section immediately after the
preceding one. So, for example, you can
have a three-column article followed by a
four-column article, on the same page.
Working with Columns
by [Article Author]
This picture caption uses the
Caption 2 paragraph style and is
inside a text box so that you can
move it easily as needed to
accompany a photo.
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