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School Newsletter Template 3
Ü On the Text Wrapping tab of the
Layout dialog box, you can set a
specific distance from the image for
text to wrap and control whether
text can wrap on both sides, one
side only, or just above and below
the image.
Ü On the Position tab of that dialog
box, you can set a specific position
for the image on the page and select
or clear the option to allow the
picture to move with text.
Adding article titles,
bylines, and dividers
The article titles and bylines for this
newsletter are created in text boxes. This
is because text can wrap around a text
box just like it can around a picture.
Similarly, the orange divider bars that
you see on pages containing more than
one article are shapes set to wrap text.
So, these text boxes and shapes can
easily span multiple columns without
having to insert a section break or
change the number of columns for just
that portion of the page.
When you select a text box or a shape,
on the Drawing Tools Format tab, in the
Arrange group, you have the same
settings for text wrapping and
positioning that are described above for
wrapping text around pictures.
Note that, because text is set to wrap
around the orange divider bars, your
article might appear to slip below or
above a bar, depending upon length. To
adjust the position of a divider bar shape
to accommodate the length of your
articles, just select the shape and then
use the up and down arrow keys on your
keyboard to nudge it to the proper
Notice the image of the young woman
that’s within a text column on the
preceding page. The background has
been removed from that image to allow
text to wrap directly around the subject.
Office 2010 introduced several new and
improved picture formatting tools in
Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Among
those is the Remove Background tool
that you can use to remove backgrounds
from your own images, similar to the
sample image on the preceding page.
To do this in Word, first insert your image
into the document (on the Insert tab,
click Picture), and then select it. Then, on
the Picture Tools Format tab, in the
Adjust group, click Remove
The Remove Background feature
automatically displays what it believes to
be the central subject of the image.
However, it’s easy to adjust this if the
immediate result is not what you need.
Background Removal tab, click Mark
Areas to Keep or Mark Areas to
Remove and then drag your mouse
pointer in a line across the portion of the
image you want to add or remove. When
you are finished making adjustments,
click Keep Changes.
Abico eum, ille et, conventio obruo duis
ullamcorper ut, neo demoveo. Vel reprobo:
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