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Secretary Resume Cover Letter
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January 15, 2014
[Recipient Name]
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Dear [Recipient Name]:
I am writing in response to your advertisement for a secretary in the July 10 edition of the
Elm Street News. It would be a pleasure to meet with you so that I might demonstrate
how my abilities fit your needs precisely.
As you’ll see from the enclosed resume, I am proficient in a variety of computer software
programs as well as in stenography. I am experienced in handling general office duties
and answering phones cordially and courteously.
What my resume does not reveal is my professional demeanor and appearance. In a
business environment, these qualities are of the utmost importance in dealing with clients
as well as co-workers. In me, you’ll discover a reliable, detail-oriented, and extremely
hard-working associateone who will serve as a model to encourage other staff members
to demonstrate the same high standard of professionalism.
If you will contact me at (425) 555-0198, we can schedule an appointment.
[Your Name]
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