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Separation Agreement Letter
Dear _______________________
This letter will confirm the substance of our conversation of [date]. You were told
that we had decided to terminate your employment.
You were also told that the company wants to make your transition to a new
employer as easy as possible. For that purpose, we agreed that you would resign
as an alternative to termination and that you could state to other employers that
you had left the company voluntarily.
We also discussed severance pay, continued benefits and other topics. We agreed
that in addition to the pay and benefits to which you normally would be entitled
under current company policies, the company would provide the following
additional pay and benefits:
[List additional benefits]
In return for the listed additional pay and benefits, you acknowledge that this
agreement is the full and final settlement of any and all claims resulting from your
employment with the company. These claims include but are not limited to claims
under contract, tort or the provisions of state or federal statutes that you may have
now or in the future. You also agree that the company owes you no further
liability or obligations beyond those described in this agreement.
We agreed that your termination will be effective [date]. All pay, benefits and
other entitlement from your employment will be computed on that basis unless we
have agreed on some other arrangement as one of the additional benefits listed
above. We also agreed that before you receive any additional pay or benefits, you
will return the following property to the company:
[List property]
You are free to examine this document in full and to consult an attorney, if you
wish, before signing it.
I am pleased that we have been able to reach this agreement and are able to part
amicably. I wish you the best in finding new employment. The terms of this letter
will be treated in confidence.
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Separation Agreement Letter