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Server Waitress Resume
Server Waitress Resume
Lucy Thai Hien Nguyen
Houston, TX 77043(281)-781-9632
My goal is to achieve a bachelor degree for registered nurse (RN to BS
Nurse). For now, my objectives are to finish prerequisites at Houston
Community College and transfer to Texas Woman’s University. Also, my
main objectives is to study biology because it is require to all medical
field including nurse major, and to understand the anatomy and
physiology in the human body system including nutrition and diseases.
Two-years prerequisite
Houston Community College, Houston, TX
August 2012- present
Honor award in Fall 2012 for academic achievement
High School Diploma
Spring Wood High School, Houston, TX
May 2012
Waitress (service)/catering
Rosemary’s Garden, Houston, TX
June 2013present
Catering prepare for events such as wedding, anniversaries,
veteran/military parties, etc. Catering organize the food menu, drinks,
appetizers, tables and chairs where the client reserve a room for their
Server checks the tables for missing tableware, and to make sure they
have enough spaces to pass through narrow gaps. Their job is to serve
food according to the order listed on the menu, and to pick up empty
dishes for more space for the next food course. Server must have a
positive attitude and smile at the guest to welcome them to the
events. Server also help the guests if needed such as extra utensils,
box-to-go, extra glass of cups, straws, etc.
When the guests leave after the event come to an end, the server
(and sometime the catering) help clean up the mess in the room so
then the catering can tidy up the room and prepare for the next event
on the schedule.
1515 Hillendahl Blvd, Houston, TX 77055
June 2014-present
The nursery opens every Sunday morning to do activities with the
toddlers while their parents are busy with church meetings, attending
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Server Waitress Resume