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Service Level Agreement Template 3
Consulting and
Respond to requests for consultations
about content creation, information
architecture re-design, agency
communications strategies
Normal Business
Hours as described
Agency appoints a
Portal Liaison to work
with agency content
creators and provide
single point of contact
for Portal Team
Example 2:
Web Development and Operations
EOHHS shall:
1. Take the lead and central role in: (a) the development of the Virtual Gateway and all
public facing Mass.Gov HHS internet sites, (b) the conversion of agency websites to
Mass.Gov portal standards; and (c) the standardization of “catalog” or “taxonomy
schemes for organizing HHS online content. The goal is to express secretariat services
and business processes through a common Virtual Gateway, with consistent agency
2. Continue to support DPH and HCF internet site development/maintenance activities at a
level consistent with their staff and budgetary contributions to the Secretariat web
development team.
Impact on Agency Services
Agency internet content and business services will be organized according to common
taxonomy and oriented towards four key stakeholder groups: consumers, providers,
researchers, and HHS staff.
Impact on Agency Staff and Resources
The Secretariat web development team will guide and direct other agency web development
resources in the implementation of Mass.Gov standards, and the content framework for the
HHS Virtual Gateway.
Departments shall:
1. As requested by EOHHS, assign appropriate web staff to participate in Mass.Gov portal
2. Work collaboratively with EOHHS to insure that there is an integrated, stakeholder-
oriented view of the Departments and the programs they manage.
3. Work collaboratively with EOHHS to insure that Web content taxonomy and style is
consistent across Departments and is maintained and current.
4. Undertake no web development or procurement of web development services unless such
development or procurement has been coordinated with and approved by the Secretariat
Programs Director.
5. Payment Process/Budget/Chargeback Methodology:
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