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Service Level Agreement Template 3
This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the EOHHS and the
Departments with respect to the subject matter covered and shall not be deemed to be
added to or modified unless first agreed in writing and signed by the parties, in the form
of an amendment.
EOHHS and the Departments may amend this Agreement from time to time if determined
to be in their best interests in fulfilling the purposes of this Agreement or as the services
provided change. The Agreement shall be amended only by a written document signed by
the parties and shall take effect when the original, executed amendment is approved and
accepted. No alterations or variations of the terms of this Agreement shall be valid unless
made in writing and signed by the parties hereto, and no oral understandings or agreement
not incorporated herein shall be binding on any of the parties hereto.
All references to the Agreement shall include any valid amendment thereto.
7. Term and Termination:
[This section sets forth the term of the SLA and provisions, it any or applicable, for
terminating the agreement prior to the expiration date.]
This agreement shall terminate on June 30, 2009, unless extended by the parties.
8. Approvals:
[This section is where secretariat and agency signatories indicate their agreement with the
SLA provisions.]
The signatures of this document indicate agreement to its content, that it is valid, has achievable
objectives, and represents the intent of ITS to meet the system needs of HHS and its Agencies.
_______________________________________ _______________________________________
Department Authorization EOHHS
Date Date
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Service Level Agreement Template 3