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Service Ticket Template
Service Ticket Template
U C I S A I T I L : S A M P L E I N C I D E N T T I C K E T T E M P L A T E
ITIL Sample incident ticket template
1. Executive overview
Describe the purpose, scope and organisation of the document.
2. Incident overview
This document is intended to provide an understanding of the attributes/elds that need to be captured in an
incident ticket (a record of information relating to an incident).
It provides guidance via several sections which could be considered as different tabs on a ticket within an IT service
management tool.
The following denitions apply for the tables below:
Read only: No data may be entered into the field.
System generated: The application will automatically generate the correct value(s).
Check box: A box, that when clicked will show a mark, indicating that the box has been activated.
Linked record: Means that the field provides a button to allow the user to click on, which will take them to a
list of records in the database, at which point they may choose a value to populate the field with.
User defined: Field allows the user to enter any value that they wish.
User defined array: Field is considered a large text box which will allow the user to type multiple lines of text.
Drop box: Field allows the user to click on a drop down list of information, where they are allowed to make one
selection to populate the field.
Drop box – nested: The values in this field are dependent on the values listed in the above drop box.
Break in format: Indicates where there will be a visual break in sets of information captured on the incident
3. Ticket details
This is a common set of information to be gathered for each incident ticket.
Field Description (where necessary) Type of eld
Ticket ID This is the number for the ticket. This
should be an incremental number.
N.B. In high call volume service desks,
this number can quickly increase.
Some service desks use the following
format, which guarantees the
number will never exceed a certain
YYYYMMDDxxxxx, where (xxxxx) is
a number that resets every day and
increments with each new ticket
Read only. System generated.
Contact name Self explanatory. Linked record.
First name Self explanatory. Read only. Populated by contact
Last name Self explanatory. Read only. Populated by contact
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Service Ticket Template