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Shareholders' Agreement Sample 2
Shareholders’ Agreement of [Company Name]
[Company name]
[Document ID]
[company URL]
Shareholders’ Agreement of [Company name] company.
1 Partners to the Agreement
[Company Name] [Company Type], a Company in planned to be registered in [Country, City]
(hereinafter referred also as the Company) for [Summary of what company does] (hereinafter
referred also as Company services),
a [Partner Name], [address], [Personal or Business ID if any] (hereinafter referred also as
b [Partner Name], [address], [Personal or Business ID if any] (hereinafter referred also as
c [Partner Name], [address], [Personal or Business ID if any] (hereinafter referred also as
2 Ownership of the shares
The ownership of the shares (total [Number of shares]) is presented in the table below.
Number of shares
[Partner Name]
[Partner Name]
[Partner Name]
3 Background & Rational and the Spirit of this Agreement
This Shareholders’ Agreement defines the co-operation principles between the Partners, and
related measures and responsibilities.
The Partners have recognized a growing market opportunity to provide company services to
[customer types] [In what markets]. The Partners have agreed upon pursuing this opportunity
by their engagement with The Company.
The goal of the Partners is to develop The Company rapidly into [What type of Company is being
target; size, scale, etc.]. The initial business outline is presented in the [Annex 1 ie. company
presentation/business plan], and related revenue allocation structure is presented in Exhibit D.
The Company develops the plan continuously based on the market feedback and opportunities.
The purpose of this Agreement is to protect the interests of the Partners. It is not meant to
punish a Partner who unintentionally breaches this Agreement and discontinues his or her
misconduct after notification from other Partners.
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Shareholders' Agreement Sample 2