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Simple Contract Example
Simple Contract Example
Example 6: Simple Contract
For the supply of
The University of Aberdeen
Contract Reference:
Insert date
Contract for the Supply of:
AGREEMENT made as of this day of 2005, by and between
# having its principal office at # (hereinafter called the “Contractor”), and the University of
Aberdeen, having its principal office at King’s College, Aberdeen, AB24 3FX (hereinafter
called the “University”).
The Contractor wishes to provide a # to the University, and the University wishes to purchase
a # from the Contractor, all as more particularly described in the documents incorporated
It is hereby agreed as follows:
The Contract shall incorporate:
Section 1: Form of Agreement
Section 2: Articles of Agreement and Price
Section 3: Specification of Requirements
Section 4: The University General Conditions of Purchase
All of which shall be read as one document.
In case of conflicting statements the order of precedence is:
This Contract
The University of Aberdeen General Conditions of Purchase
The Contractor’s response to the invitation to tender
The Contractor’s representative shall be #, telephone number: #, facsimile number: #.
The University’s representative shall be # telephone number: 01224 27#, facsimile number:
01224 27#.
The supplies shall be as described in Section 2: Specification of Requirements.
The Contractor shall provide the supplies to the University in accordance with Section 2:
Articles of Agreement and Price.
The University shall pay the Contractor the price in accordance with section 2: Articles of
Agreement and Price.
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Simple Contract Example