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Simple Rental Application Form
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LF305 • Rev. 04/04
I/We, the undersigned, understand that __________________________________ is the leasing agent and representative for the owner/land-
lord and that the leasing agent’s fees will be paid by the owner/landlord. The undersigned acknowledge that this written notice was received prior
to the undersigned receiving a lease agreement.
________________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Applicant’s Signature Date Co-Applicant’s Signature Date
I/We authorize __________________________________, to investigate my/our credit qualifications and hereby release, in any manner,
all of the information obtained by you. I/We further release all persons, agencies, or firms from any liabilities resulting from providing such
I/We declare under penalty of perjury that the information listed in this application is true and correct.
Executed on this ________ day of _________________________, 20_____, in the city of __________________, state of __________.
________________________________________________ ____________________________________________
Applicant’s Signature
Date Co-Applicant’s Signature Date
The undersigned authorizes landlord, leasing agent, and representatives of owner/landlord to contact the undersigned's current or prev
landlord, and current employer, and further, by a copy of this Application, authorizes any said landlord or employer to release pertinent residential
and employment history information to be used in evaluating my lease application. I further authorize owner/landlord, leasing agent or its
representatives to apply for or obtain an investigation or credit report in connection with this application. I understand that said investigation
or credit report may contain information obtained from various state governmental and private entities relative to the undersigned's number of
children, employment, occupation, general health, financial, and criminal history information.
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Simple Rental Application Form