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Skill Self Assessment Template1
Skill Self Assessment Template1
Project Alchemy Staff Skill Self-Assessment Form Page 1
Technology Literacy
Staff Skill Self-Assessment Name: _________________
Please judge your level of achievement for each of the following skill areas. This tool is to
help you do a self-analysis, determining what areas you need to additional training and
practice -- and which areas you could serve as a resource to other staff members.
Technology Learning Styles
Which of the following three methods best match your technology learning style
( ) I use the tutorials that accompany the software program, help functions, and
manuals. I take notes that I can reference later.
( ) I like to have a simple project or task to complete that doesn’t have deadline
pressure and I can “play” with the software to discover how to use it.
( ) I like to be able to ask other users questions or call a help line
( ) I like to have another user show me how it works
( ) I like to take a formal hands-on training workshop with an outside trainer
( ) I like to take a hands-on workshop lead by someone on staff
( ) I like use an exercise book in a computer lab with someone there I can ask
questions when I need it.
( ) I like to watch a video
( ) I like web-based classes that happen over the internet
( ) Other: (describe)
Based on your responses to the questions in this section, how would you learn
technology best What would be the ideal professional development format to meet
your needs
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Skill Self Assessment Template1