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Skill Self Assessment Template1 Page 2
Skill Self Assessment Template1
Project Alchemy Staff Skill Self-Assessment Form Page 2
Basic Computer Operations
Mouse Skills
I know that the mouse is used for interacting with objects on the screen.
I can point, click, drag, and double-click with the mouse.
I know the different functions of a single- and double-click and when to use each.
I know keyboard shortcuts to several mouse actions and I regularly use them.
I can adjust mouse settings in the control panel.
I know the functions of the right mouse button and when I can use it (PC users only).
Graphical User Interface Skills
I know how to pull down a menu and how to click a radio button or check box.
I can resize windows or drag them from one screen location to another.
I can open or close a window or folder.
I can minimize/maximize windows and launch programs using the desktop shortcuts
I can launch programs using the Start button (Windows) or Apple drop-down (Mac).
I can scroll both horizontally and vertically, and I can use different scrolling methods.
I can arrange and re-name icons and identify different types of icons.
I know how to use keyboard shortcuts to accomplish tasks.
I can adjust the appearance of the desktop and create shortcuts.
I can change the views in the windows.
I can customize palettes such as the Launcher.
File Management/Operating System
I know how to insert/eject a floppy disk or CD.
I can format a floppy or zip disk and I know how to write protect a disk.
I can save a file to a new location from inside the application.
I can copy a file to a new place using the file manager.
I can copy a file to a new place from almost anywhere using a shortcut & dragging.
I know the best place to save a file (i. e. floppy, hard drive, network drive).
I know the difference between closing/minimizing/hiding a window and quitting a
program. I know how to go back to open files when I can’t see them on the desktop.
I know how to quickly 'find' a file.
I can copy and paste between documents from different applications.
I can work comfortably in at least one operating system: I can locate and use control
panels. I understand the directory tree of multiple disks. I know how to organize the
directory tree for efficiency. I know how to monitor the space remaining on a drive.
I can work comfortably in more than one operating system (List: ________________)
I delete unnecessary files from the computer when appropriate.
I know how to backup data and have a systematic plan in place to backup files
regularly. I also know how to restore files from a backup.
I understand file extensions and differences between file types.
Setup and Basic Troubleshooting
I can power-up and shutdown a computer appropriately.
I know how to check computer, monitor, and wall outlet for power connections.
I can set up a stand-alone computer such as a Windows or Macintosh computer.
I can install stand-alone application software.
I can perform a soft reboot of the operating system with keystrokes.
I regularly use utilities such as defragmenter, scan disk, or rebuilding the desktop.
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