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Skill Self Assessment Template1 Page 3
Skill Self Assessment Template1
Project Alchemy Staff Skill Self-Assessment Form Page 3
I recognize typical symptoms of software problems and I can often diagnose.
I know how to tell if the network is available to a computer. I know to check the cable.
I know how to find out how much RAM and hard drive storage space a computer has.
I can troubleshoot basic things before contacting the technology specialist.
I can configure and troubleshoot the network software.
I regularly update and use a virus checker.
I know when it is time to call a technology specialist.
I can connect a projection device such as a TV or LCD projector to a computer.
I can install new hardware such as modem, network card, or speakers.
Printing Skills
I can determine if a machine has a printer and cable attached. I can load paper.
I can use software to select a printer.
I can change toner/ribbon, and can clear paper jams.
I understand how to change the default printer.
I can change print parameters (i.e. paper orientation, margins, proportions, etc).
I can troubleshoot local printer problems.
I can troubleshoot a network printer job. I understand what a print spool does and how
to manage it. I can install a print driver. I can add a new printer to a local computer.
I can set up and manage a network print queue.
Ethical Use Understanding
I am not aware of any ethical issues surrounding Internet use.
I know that some copyright restrictions apply to some software and web documents.
I clearly understand the difference between freeware, shareware, and commercial
software and the fees involved in the use of each. I know the programs for which my
organization holds a site license. I understand how I can use information gathered
from the Internet without violating copyright laws.
I am aware of other ethical issues involving technology use such as privacy and can
explain the issues to colleagues.
Based on your responses to the questions in this section, what are your technology
professional development goals How would improving your skills and knowledge in this
area help you do your job more efficiently Do you feel that you could serve as a
mentor or coach to other staff members in this area
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