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Skill Self Assessment Template1 Page 4
Skill Self Assessment Template1
Project Alchemy Staff Skill Self-Assessment Form Page 4
Internet Use
Browser Operation
I can start up the browser, but because I don’t regularly use it, I’m not sure where to
click or how to get different Web sites.
I can start up my browser and use the basic commands to surf the Web, but I’m not
very efficient.
I am able to bookmark Web sites that I have visited and would like to revisit.
I can organize by bookmark into folders and make educated guesses at many URLs.
I can over-ride default page colors to facilitate printing.
Can navigate web site quickly without getting lost or accidentally leaving the site. I can
use the web browser's 'Find' tool to search contents of a given page.
I know the name and version of the browser software.
I can save local copies of Web pages and graphics on my hard drive. I know how to
collect portions of text or images from Web pages for inclusion in
presentations or other documents.
I know how to clear my browser cache and customize the settings.
I know how to use keyboard shortcuts to make navigating more efficient.
I know when I have to download a plug-in application.
I understand almost all the error messages from the browser and can continue
browsing without problem.
Internet Research
I know how to do a basic search on at least one search engine, but I don't know how
to narrow and refine my search. I often get lost, distracted, or overwhelmed.
I know how to do Boolean searches and use more than one search engine. I can find
almost anything I need that is available on the Internet quickly and efficiently and I
can evaluate the quality of the information.
I have read the help files and knows the entire command set of several different
search engines. I can use meta-search engines. I can teach others how to conduct
power searches. I know the strengths and weaknesses of various search engines.
I regularly scan the Internet for new resources related to my job and let others on staff
know about them.
Email Use
I use email infrequently because I don’t have access to the Internet from my desktop
or most of my communication is done through phone or face-to-face.
I sometimes feel intimidated by using email to communicate.
I know the basic mechanics of using my email program to send and receive messages
from colleagues, constituents, or friends.
I know how to send documents as attachments.
I know how to use the address book and send entries as email attachments
I know how to use folders to organize my email.
I know how to sort email messages by sender, date, or subject.
I feel confident using text to communicate with many different people on a variety of
topics. I know how to write for the medium.
I know how integrate email with other technologies such as voice mail, phone, and fax.
I feel lost when I can’t check my email at least once or twice a day.
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