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Skill Self Assessment Template1
Project Alchemy Staff Skill Self-Assessment Form Page 5
I do not use lists because I am not aware of any good work-related resources.
I have subscribed to a couple of lists or participated in a couple of conferences, but I
don't know how to make using them efficient. I often get overwhelmed with too many
messages and end up deleting them.
I know how to use filters to put listserv messages in sub-folders before they hit my
I know how customize my settings to get digest versions of list messages.
I have found that lists can be an efficient and economical way to collaborate with
I have seen listservs that work and listservs that don’t, and I feel that I have some
understanding of what distinguishes a list that efficiently fulfills its goal from one that
Web Publishing Skills
I can create documents using a word processor and use the word processor's save as
command to create HTML documents.
I know basic HTML codes and how to use them in a simple HTML editor or textpad
I can view source code from others' pages and modify codes for my use.
I can convert graphic formats and do some basic graphic editing.
I know how to optimize graphics for web display.
I know how to create standard navigation features for a web site. I can design the
flowchart of how the information will be linked for the end user.
I can write HTML from scratch.
I can create a form to put on a website and set up an action for the submit button.
I know how to use an FTP program to move files from my desktop to the Web.
I am proficient with using at least one web design program (such as GoLive,
Dreamweaver, or Frontpage)
I am fluent in HTML code and I have some understanding of other web-programming
methods such as Javascript, Perl, CGI, or Java.
Based on your responses to the questions in this section, what are your technology
professional development goals How would improving your skills and knowledge in this
area help you do your job more efficiently Do you feel that you could serve as a
mentor or coach to other staff members in this area
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