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Skill Self Assessment Template1
Project Alchemy Staff Skill Self-Assessment Form Page 6
Office Productivity Software
Word Processing
I can use a word processor sort of like I would use a typewriter.
I can apply fonts, change font sizes, use features like bold or underline, and use the
spell checker.
I can customize the indentation of paragraphs, set margins and page properties, and
use the formatting ruler.
I can set and customize tabs and adjust the viewing percentage on the screen.
I can insert page breaks and create columns.
I can create headers and footers, and add automatic page numbers.
I can create text boxes and insert files, objects and tables.
I can customize how tables and columns appear, including text wrapping, background
colors, etc.
I can export to different file formats and I understand how to save a file so that I can
email it to somebody who doesn’t have the same program I have.
I can do a mail merge to create customized letters that include information from a
spreadsheet or database
I can create templates
I can create and print an envelope
I can use a word processor to format a flier or eye-catching document in complex ways
and make it look really great.
I know when it’s okay to format a document in Word and when I should consider using
a page layout program instead.
Presentation Software
I am unlikely to use presentation software to make formal presentations.
I know how to storyboard a multimedia presentation.
I know how to create a simple presentation using my own text and images.
I can format the slides to look the way I want and I can import slides from other
I know how to add multimedia effects such as animations, videos, and sounds.
I know how to apply good design using restraint with movement and amount of text,
choosing light text on dark backgrounds, etc.
I can produce speaker's notes, print outs, and screen versions of a presentation.
I know how to create and use a presentation effectively without relying on each slide
to provide all the information I’m talking about.
I do not use a spreadsheet, nor can I identify any uses or features it might have which
would benefit the way I work.
I understand the use of a spreadsheet and can navigate within one.
I can create a simple spreadsheet which adds a column of numbers.
I can use a spreadsheet to make a simple graph or chart.
I use a spreadsheet and I know how to add labels, formulas and cell references.
I can change the format of the spreadsheets to anything I need or want.
I know how to export spreadsheet data into other file formats or insert or insert into
word processing documents.
I know how to program multiple spreadsheets with macros to do advanced financial
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