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Social Marketing Strategy Checklist Template
Social Marketing Strategy Checklist Template
Preparing your online marketing strategy for 2014 can be an
overwhelming event if you don’t have the right tools to help
you plan. In this infographic, we’ve designed an easy to follow
checklist for mapping out your business’ online marketing
strategy for the coming year. Carve out a few hours, follow
the list, and start on the path to success!
Mobile usage continues to climb.
Mobile searches have grown by
5x in the past two years
Responsive design is the latest trend
as people use multiple devices to search.
77% of mobile searches occur at
home or work — even if a PC is nearby
and readily available
(Search Engine Land)
Integration of all online marketing tools
is required. Consumers are doing more
and more research of a local business.
95% of consumers use the internet
to find a local business
(BrightLocal Local
Consumer Review Survey 2013)
Professional Website
Optimized for Search
Recent Changes in Online Marketing..
Integrate video into your website.
Share it on social media. Sharing
videos on social media will increase
views and engagement.
Use different types of video for different
purposes. Create professional documercials,
explainer videos, demonstration videos,
client testimonials, etc.
Best Practices.........................................
Social search has evolved. Search engine
results pages (SERPs) show listings that your
connections have engaged with.
SERPs are returning social media pages
in the listings. Searching for a “business
in city name” may return the Facebook
or Google+ page of a local business.
Graph Search was rolled out by Facebook.
Social media networks are enabling search
on their platforms. 80 percent of social
media users prefer to connect with brands
through Facebook.
Recent Changes in Social Media..........
Of Social Media
Users Prefer
to Connect With
Brands Through
Hashtags have grown exponentially and
are only getting more #popular. Hashtags
are the key to getting social, getting more
exposure, and showing up in searches.
Hummingbird was a massive Google
algorithm update. Google’s search
algorithm now focuses on “user intent”
by evaluating all the words that are
in the search box.
Social Search is expanding search to
include social media pages, suggestions
recommended by social connections, and
brings search to individual search networks.
Encrypted Search has made keyword
research and analytics for organic SEO
relatively useless. However, consumers
can now enjoy more privacy as they
search online.
Recent Changes in SEO.........................
Google+ YouTube integration requires
all users commenting on YouTube videos
to have a Google+ account.
Calls-to-action (CTAs) should be clear.
A user-friendly experience is key. Make your
website useful.
Customize the content on your website.
Users are turned off by generic websites.
Best Practices for a Great Website.......
Clean coding and HTML are elemental
to search rankings. (Remove all FLASH)
Have a strategy for a PPC campaign.
Don’t “wing” it.
Select neighborhoods and
areas to target. If your business
is located in neighborhood A, but
gets high traffic from neighborhood
B – target neighborhood B!
Cap spending. Set a budget and use
Enhanced Campaigns to control spending.
Best Practices.........................................
Review metrics regularly. Make
adjustments based on the analytics.
Create custom content.
Make regular updates to websites,
blogs, and social media.
Quality is valued over quantity.
You don’t need to have 20 pages
loaded with keywords. Instead,
5 high-quality, useful website pages
will be better for rankings.
Best Practices.........................................
Complete your online authorship
to improve search results and
build online authority and trust
in your content.
Demand for video (especially on mobile)
has increased over the past years. Online
video accounts for 50% of all mobile
traffic and up to 69% of traffic on certain
(Bytemobile Mobile Analytics Reports, 2013)
Advancements in smartphone technology
are making video creation and sharing easy.
Availability of WiFi everywhere makes
videos accessible anywhere.
Recent Changes in Online Video.........
Consumers are using phones and devices
more often and in more locations. It’s a form
of device-addiction to always be checking
a phone or tablet.
Google+ YouTube update increases the
spread of video and ease of sharing videos.
AdWords Enhanced Campaigns enable
advertisers to target consumers by
geo-location, the device they are using,
and save money by excluding certain areas.
Recent Changes in Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
Social Media Management
& Connections
Video Content Creation
Paid Advertising Online
Online Video
Accounts for
50% of All
Mobile Traffic
Select Neighborhoods
and Areas to Target
Encrypted Search
Affects SEO Negatively
Users Enjoy More Privacy
Proper Search Engine
Copyright © 2013 iMatrix. All Rights Reserved. Sources: Search Engine Land, BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey
2013, Business2Community, Bytemobile Mobile Analytics Reports 2013.
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Overall, your 2014 marketing strategy should focus on the user-experience. Give
consumers what they are looking for in the medium they want. By following this easy
checklist, you can ensure that your 2014 marketing strategy is successful.
Create Custom
Invest in your website.
Consumers are more tech-
savvy and understand
professional websites are
not prohibitively expensive.
A free website typically
includes ads and can look
spammy. Have ultimate
control over your website
and invest in a high-quality
website service.
Maintain it. Keep your
website up-to-date. Make
sure all information is
correct, take down dated
content, and continually
add to your website.
Check regularly to make
sure all the links, images,
videos, etc. are working
Make it a priority. A website
is not optional any longer,
it’s foundational. If you don’t
have a professional website,
make it your priority to launch
one. If you have a website,
spend more time keeping it
updated or hire someone to
do it for you.
1 3
Engage in social media. It’s not just for
personal use, it’s for business too.
Optimize your social profiles and social
postings. Make sure all the information
is completed, accurate, and pictures
and videos are included when possible.
Include business names and locations
in postings.
Use #hashtags to get in the conversation
(when relevant) or start discussions.
Best Practices.........................................
Take it seriously. Not having
social media shows consumers
you aren’t current and are
outdated. A social media
manager represents your
business – make sure they
are qualified and accountable.
Connect. Connect
with your followers
in meaningful ways.
Respond. Consumers want
to hear from you. Responding
to comments and reviews
personalizes your business.
4 5
Ask for reviews. Get
followers talking about your
business by asking for reviews.
Online consumers want to see
what it’s like to patronize your
business. Tell them!
Get Active! Social media
is like any other marketing
medium. You get out of it
what you put into it. If you
only post once a month,
you will get very little return.
Make a video editorial
schedule. Schedule
demonstration videos
throughout the year.
Get a professional video
made of your business.
Video has the ability to
convey more than written
content. Invest in a high-
quality documercial that
you can use in ads and
on your website to get
more new business.
Advertise on YouTube.
Put your business video
ads where the viewers
are, on YouTube.
AdWords Campaigns
Enable Advertisers
to Target Consumers
by Geo-Location
Do the work upfront.
Research keywords and
create a strong strategy.
Take your time to properly
set up your campaigns for
maximum efficiency.
Write great ad copy.
Determine what great
ad copy is by reviewing
quality scores and by
A/B testing.
Targeting the right areas
will save you money.
Targeting an under populated
area is a waste of money.
Target ads to areas where
people are searching.
Continually update your
website, blogs, social
media, and videos.
“Refreshes” are a great idea.
Write an FAQ page
or pages for your
website. If your FAQs
match search queries,
your pages will show
up in search engine
results pages.
Make social integration
a priority. Link your social
media, YouTube, Yelp, etc.
to each other and to your
website. Interconnect all of
your online marketing efforts.
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Social Marketing Strategy Checklist Template