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Social Media Marketing Template Page 2
Social Media Marketing Template
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Social Media Marketing
Social media can be leveraged to create wonderful marketing masterpieces. Big name
companies like Skittles and Dell have successfully used social media to increase their
sales, brand, and the community around their products. Small companies like Kogi
BBQ are using social media to increase their sales and dominate the late night food
craze in Los Angeles. No matter your company size, social media can be used to start
a conversation with your target market and elevate your brand.
SEOP‟s Social Media Consulting Team has successfully worked for clients and built
strong campaigns that drive traffic and build community. Through our experience, we
have developed the proprietary 5 Pillar Model that teaches our clients how to use social
media for business and how to execute the strategies that we develop together.
This EBook is your guide to the 5 Pillars of social media marketing, and how you can
leverage social media for your company‟s success:
Pillar 1: What is Social Media We breakdown social media marketing into its core
components so that you can understand the fundamentals. Social Media is about
building a conversation with your clients and consumers.
Pillar2: Common Mistakes Companies Make With Social Media Though you may
understand social media and have a solid foundation to build on top of, it is still possible
to fall into the common pitfalls and mistakes that most companies make. Avoid the
crucial mistakes and you‟ll be well positioned for social media success.
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Social Media Marketing Template