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Software Programmer Engineer Resume
Software Programmer Engineer Resume
Gabriel Lopez Zenarosa
3700 O'Hara Street, Benedum
Hall 1048
Pittsburgh, PA 15261-3048
Technical Skills
Visual Basic, Windows, Unix.
2009 - present University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA
Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering
2004 - 2005 Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA
Master of Software Engineering
1998 - 2002 Columbia University New York, NY
Master of Science in Computer Science
1993 - 1997 University of the Philippines Diliman, QC
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Cum Laude honors conferred)
Select Projects
University of Pittsburgh 2014
Scenario-Tree Decomposition: Bounds for Multistage Stochastic Mixed-Integer Programs (Working Paper).
Co-authored a working paper that presents scenario-tree decomposition as a method for establishing bounds on
multistage stochastic mixed-integer programs.
University of Pittsburgh 2013
Gray’s Time-varying Coefficients Model for Posttransplant Survival of Pediatric Liver Transplant Recipients
with a Diagnosis of Cancer (Publication). Co-authored a journal article that compares the results of using the Cox
proportional hazards and Gray's piecewise-constant time-varying coefficients models in the analysis of liver
posttransplant survival of pediatric patients with a diagnosis of cancer.
University of Pittsburgh 2011
A Biologically Based Discrete-event Simulation Model of Liver Transplantation in the United States for
Pediatric and Adult Patients (Publication). Co-authored a conference paper that describes our discrete-event
simulation model of the national liver allocation system that incorporates the stochastic, disease-specific natural
histories of pediatric and adult patients.
University of Pittsburgh 2011
Towards Automated Oracles for GUI Input Validation (Publication). Co-authored a workshop paper that reports
on our approach in automating the testing of input validation in a line of web applications.
Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh 2009
Software Mythbusters Explore Formal Methods (Publication). Co-authored an article that reflects on Anthony
Hall's IEEE Software article, "Seven Myths of Formal Methods."
Carnegie Mellon University 2008
Experiences in Engineering Active Replication into a Traditional Three-tiered Client-server System
(Publication). Co-authored a workshop paper that reports on our experiences in incorporating active replication into a
system following the three-tiered client-server architecture style.
Carnegie Mellon University 2005-2008
RADAR-TM (Reflective Agents with Distributed Adaptive Reasoning-Task Management). Collaborated with a
group to design an intelligent prioritizing action list that dynamically reorders tasks along changing time and activity
contexts. The reordering behavior is learned from experts' usage of the RADAR action list.
Carnegie Mellon University School Year 2004-2005
ATGen-Arch (Architectural Test Generator: Architecture Specification Subsystem). Collaborated with a group to
architect a subsystem to specify microprocessor properties relevant to architectural test generators. The project
involved the selection of a microprocessor architecture description language (ADL) best suited for generating tests,
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Software Programmer Engineer Resume