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Software Programmer Engineer Resume
the design of an efficient internal data model for storing microprocessor architectural properties, and the creation of
an application programming interface (API) for querying those properties.
Carnegie Mellon University Spring 2005
High-performance Fault-tolerant Distributed Banking System. Collaborated with a group to formally design and
implement an efficient and actively replicated distributed banking system.
Columbia University Summer 2003
A Goal-directed Search for Hard Bin-packing Problem Instances (Term Paper). Presented an initial investigation
of the hard instances of the bin-packing problem leveraging on previous work on the Satisfiability (SAT) problem.
Columbia University Fall 2000
XML Browser for the PalmOS. Created an XML Browser for the PalmOS patterned after the Microsoft Internet
Explorer 5.5 XML Tree View.
Columbia University Fall 1998
Distributed Data Filtering System. Collaborated with a group to design and construct a framework for distributed
data filtering in Java.
University of the Philippines School Year 1996 - 1997
Connect: Java Data Conferencing. Managed a group to plan and build Connect, an Internet data conferencing
solution to distance learning.
Work Experience
08 / 2008 - 09 / 2009 University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA
Software Quality Assurance Test Engineer
Automated the web application input validation testing process (continuously being evolved and improved)
Redesigned the input validation specification template to be machine-readable to enable automatic edits
testing of web applications and web services
Engineered a generic frame-independent web form input validation testing application in SilkTest
08 / 2007 - 09 / 2008 Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA
Research Programmer
Implemented research ideas on dynamic action list prioritization for the RADAR system
Constructed and integrated into RADAR a software component for prioritizing action lists
Processed the data from expert user studies to generate the training set for the action list prioritizer
02 / 2007 - 06 / 2008
Pittsburgh, PA
Software Process Consultant at invivodata®, inc.
Analyzed and improved the client's software localization process
Created UML activity diagrams for the original process to help identify points of improvement
Deployed a Subversion-based process to improve revision tracking and control of localization artifacts
Authored a software requirements specification document for a software localization system aimed to
streamline the localization process
Architected and constructed a software screen scraping tool to shorten the time required to capture screens
for translation and review
Modeled the client's product deployment process in BPMN
Enabled future process analyses and potential automatic implementation via web services
01 / 2006 - 05 / 2007 Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA
Master of Software Engineering Fellow
Conducted research on task management topics, particularly dynamic action list prioritization
Formulated the prioritization problem as a classification problem where task features--both static (e.g. type
and self-initiated indicators) and dynamic (e.g., time context and past activities)--are mapped to nominal
priority values
Performed teaching assistant duties in support of administering Master of Software Engineering courses
Designed and led recitation classes, lectured topics in UML, and created and enhanced homework problems
05 / 2003 - 08 / 2004 NYFIX, Inc. (Javelin Technologies, Inc.) New York, NY
Client Support Engineer
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