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§ Analysis of the Specifications and creation of Test Designs according to the functional
§ Involved in creating Test Plans, Test Cases and Test Scripts. Categorized Severity Incidents
Reports based on severity and interfaced with developers to resolve technical issues.
§ Checked the data for premium verification and interacted with Team lead and developers while
testing the application.
§ Documented test cases for Functional and Regression Testing.
§ Experience with BRD’s(Business requirements documents)
§ Performed Data Driven Testing using extensive data in the test scripts.
§ Created and ran various SQL queries to verify and validate Database in Oracle.
§ Performed all phases of end-to-end testing which includes User Acceptance Testing, Functionality
Testing and Regression Testing of the Application, its interfaces and Client-Server Utilities using
Mercury Interactive Tools.
§ Validated the policy data on mainframes after the nightly batch process
§ Used TSO, ISPF to interact with the mainframe data
§ Identified and validated test data for performing functional testing by using tools like Toad and
File-AID. Created expected results for the assigned test scripts
§ Developed SQL queries in Oracle to test the application for data integrity
§ Customized Test Director to add new fields and provide key test and defect metrics to the
§ Compared actual and expected test results, discussed the defects in defect meeting with
development team
§ Participated in bug triage meetings with developers to validate the severity of the bug and
responsible for tracking of the bug life cycle using Test Director
§ Assisted the end users to perform User Acceptance Test on the application
§ Tested web-based applications developed with Java and JavaScript using automated as well as
manual testing.
§ Wrote SQL and PL/SQL scripts to verify the database updates, inserts and deletes of the records.
Environment: WinRunner7.6, Test Director 7.6, Java, XML, XSL, Windows 2000, OS/360, JCL, TSO,
DB2, File-AID, Oracle 9i, Solaris 8.0.
Dearborn Medical Center Hospital MI. Sep’03 - Dec’04
QA Analyst.
This project was designed for the new super specialty hospital. This was developed as a generic product,
which could be further, marketed by the sale Points. The solution offers better and more efficient
operations, achieve cost efficiency in operation and maintenance, and ensure their confidentiality and
integrity of patient medical information.
§ As a QA Analyst responsible for People Management, effective client interaction, Team
coordination for productive quality deliverables to meet mile stones and deadlines as a single point
§ Involved in Entire Software Development Life Cycle and Test Development Life Cycle and Interact
with Mainframes data using TSO.
§ Created, Executed and managed Test Plan and Test design, Test Strategy & Processes for stand
alone modules and integration of respective modules.
§ Verification and Validation of different work products of Test development life cycle.
§ Designed, executed and managed of test cases based on configurations, functionality, transactions,
scenarios, business rules, conditions for different test buckets like regression, functional,
performance, Migration, Priorities and security
§ Prepared Trace ability Matrix for root cause analysis, test metrics and test reports.
§ Mainframe manual Systems Integration Testing of post implementation production defects and
application change requests for TXU Electric/Capgemini Energy.
§ Risk and Defect management (defect logging, tracking, triaging and status maintenance)
Deliverables and Report generation.
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