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SOP Word Template
SOP Template 2
Xxxxxx Department
Xxxxxx Division/Function
Revision #
Implementation Date
Page # 1 of xx Last Reviewed/Update Date
SOP Owner Approval
Standard Operating Procedure
1. Purpose
Describe the process for <official name of SOP>.
Describe relevant background information.
2. Scope
Identify the intended audience and /or activities where the SOP may be relevant.
3. Prerequisites
Outline information required before proceeding with the listed procedure; for example,
worksheets, documents, IFAS reports, etc.
4. Responsibilities
Identify the personnel that have a primary role in the SOP and describe how their
responsibilities relate to this SOP. If necessary, include contact information.
5. Procedure
Provide the steps required to perform this procedure (who, what, when, where, why, how).
Include a process flowchart.
6. References
List resources that may be useful when performing the procedure; for example, Admin policies,
Municipal Code, government standards and other SOPs.
7. Definitions
Identify and define frequently used terms or acronyms. Provide additional and/or relevant
information needed to understand this SOP.
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SOP Word Template