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Spa Brochure 1
The Spa and Salon at PGA National
Resort welcomes guests to luxurious
surroundings, lavish amenities and
impeccable personal service. Join us to
experience the ultimate in relaxation
and rejuvenation in Florida’s prestigious
Palm Beach Gardens. We have gathered
a team of highly skilled and extensively
trained professionals in the fields of
skin care, makeup artistry, massage,
hair and nails.
Our exclusive Waters of the World
give contemporary expression to
the ancient spa traditions of sanitas
per aqua (health via water.) In this
collection of outdoor mineral pools,
we have recreated healing waters
from some of the earth’s most
treasured locations.
The Dead Sea (Israel)
For centuries, travelers have bathed in
these mineral-rich waters. Famed for
its salutary effects on irritated skin
and anxious minds, the waters soothe
discomforts arising from today’s hectic
lifestyles and environmental stresses.
The Salies de Béarn (France)
High in the Pyrenées Mountains, the
naturally occurring salt waters of
Salies de Béarn have long attracted
health seekers. The Pyrenees salt pool
helps moderate fluid retention, body
temperature changes and mood swings.
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