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Special Education Newsletter
Special Education Newsletter
WE BELIEVE that society is enriched by the inclusion
and participation of diverse people. As members of the
Jersey City Public Schools community everyone must be
treated with RESPECT, creating an inclusive society
where individual differences are valued and enrich our
lives at home, school and the community.!
The Department of Special Education provides support through
our Leaders Integrating and Networking Knowledge and Support
Team (L.I.N.K.S.). L.I.N.K.S. facilitates program development,
training and professional seminars on inclusion practices,
assessment, differentiated instruction, cooperative learning,
interventions, behavioral strategies, adapted physical education,
life skills, social skills, verbal behavior, and much more.
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The Department of Special Education provides support through
tworking Knowledge and Support
The Department of Special Education provides support through
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The belief that each child matters is
at the heart of our efforts in the
Department of Special
Education. We are dedicated to
creating all-inclusive schools with
programs and services that promote
the success of all students. We
nurture collaboration between
students, families and school staff.
Our collaborative efforts provide
support for students with disabilities
and their parents in the
implementation of individualized
education programs in the students’
least restrictive environment.!!!
Schools!in our district are supported
by our comprehensive academic and
behavioral support continuum.
Students with disabilities are
educated with their non-disabled
peers, receiving the instructional
programs and services available to
our general education population.
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Special Education Newsletter