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Special Education Paraeducator Resume
Special Education Paraeducator Resume
Special Education Paraeducator
The person in this position works under the general supervision of the principal or assistant principal. With
direct supervision from a teacher, provides assistance in implementing plans and programs related to the
academic or functional skill attainment for students with mental, physical, and/or emotional learning challenges.
Works directly with students, individually or in small groups, and performs clerical work as assigned.
Performance is evaluated periodically.
Provides academic and physical assistance to students with disabilities as directed in one-to-one or
in small groups
Assists teachers with academic instruction and the implementation of Individual Education Program (IEP)
Ability to lift and carry non-ambulatory students
Provide clerical support to teachers and other professional staff
Performs other duties as assigned.
Assists in implementing lesson plans and preparing academic materials
Assists the teacher in the rewriting of materials to meet academic levels of a student or group
Assists the teacher in implementing student IEP’s
Works with students one-to-one or in small groups
With appropriate supervision and training, assists in teaching communication skills, implementing
student behavior and learning programs with the use of behavior modification and crisis intervention
Assists with the physical demands of functional life skills and academic skills, in school and community
Makes observations, collects data, and gives input to appropriate staff
Assists students with the use of media equipment, augmentative communication devices and computer
learning techniques
Assists with the physical demands of students by lifting, positioning, putting students in supportive
devices, and transferring students from wheelchairs for toileting and for position change
Monitors and is aware of medical needs of students, medical concerns and responds to emergencies
as needed
Performs clerical duties to include reproducing materials, initiating and maintaining files and records
Operates various types of office machines and audio-visual equipment
Takes inventory
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Special Education Paraeducator Resume