Sponsorship Proposal Template - Free Download
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Sponsorship Proposal Template
Sponsorship Proposal Template 1
Sponsorship Proposal Template
Example Outline of Sponsorship Package/Proposal
Please keep in mind that the following are simply suggestions as to what to include in your sponsorship
package. This document aims to serve to provide you with information and options only. How you
format the document, what information to include etc. is your decision.
Title Page (1 page)
What: Event Sponsorship Proposal/Sponsorship Proposal
Who: Sponsor Name/Event Name
When: Event Date
Today’s Date
Event Manager’s Name
Table of Contents (1 page)
List all sections and appropriate page numbers
Ensure Student Organization website is listed at the bottom of every page
About Your Organization (1/2 page)
Mission, vision, programs, services
Paragraph addresses your experience/expertise and credibility in organizing successful events
Event Information (1 page) – only if requesting event sponsorship
Event Background
o Main purpose of the event
o What the event is (gala, fundraiser, party etc.)
o History
Why does this event exist
How did it start
Who started the event
Is it the first year for the event or is it an annual event
Event Outline
o General Event Details
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Sponsorship Proposal Template