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Sponsorship Proposal Template Page 2
o Name of Event
o Date of Event
o Time of Event
o Who will attend the event (media, young entrepreneurs, etc)
Include approximate number of guests
Event Objectives
o What does this event need to achieve to be successful
o What are the goals of the current year (include previous goals if applicable)
o Ensure, where possible – the objectives are measurable (so you can measure success or
lack thereof)
Event Organizers
o Is there a committee or group organizing the event
o Or is it just you, the event manager, organizing the event
o Brief explanation/description
o What activities are planned for the event
o What will people likely be doing
Reach and Target Audience (1/4 page)
o Explain who will participate in event
o Psychographic/Demographic information
o Number of expected participants
o Other companies that are involved
o Other hosts, etc
Benefits to the Sponsor and Fees (3 pages)
o Detail the various levels of sponsorship
o Respective marketing benefits for each level
o Sponsorship fee associated with each level
o Suggest making a table/chart for this section
o Identify why you believe this company would benefit by sponsoring your event/organization
o Sponsor shares the same target audience as your event/organization
o Business operations in the same city
o Company supports health and active living and encourages its employees to engage in
community fundraising
o List media support
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Sponsorship Proposal Template